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The Tiller is out of Service

Glad E Olah

The Tiller is out of Service

Post by Glad E Olah on Tue May 10, 2011 4:05 pm

Of all things to have the tiller go out. Son ordered a new spark plug but that did not do the trick of repair. There are two more sections to finish of the garden where he placed the concrete blocks. One was to be for okra and the other for sweet potatoes. Today I used the hand tool to break up soil in an area of the main garden that was designed to be used as a pathway. There are 5 sections to this garden area and each section has a pathway in the center. After breaking up the soil I planted my okra seed. Had to plant them somewhere if I want okra this year.

I am tired now (again). The sun is further down to the west right now so soon I will go and put miracle grow on the plants and water the area where the seeds were planted. The sub soil is moist from all the rain but the soil on top will now be dry since I have disturbed it. The seeds will need moisture to germinate.

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